Stephanie and Ferrante’s Wedding Highlight at the Loom in Simpsonville SC

Stephanie and Ferrante held their marriage celebration at The Loom in Simpsonville SC in June. I think I smiled from the beginning to the end. It was a fun, beautiful, emotional day with beautiful words from from the bride and groom as well as their friends and family. I also smiled and had some tears while I put together their highlight. Enjoy!

Tribute to a special person at the Loom in Simpsonville SC

I recently worked for the first time at The Loom in Simpsonville SC. I had only met and talked to the director Jeannie Thrailkill briefly before this occassion but when Frank, the father of the groom, spontaneously called Jeannie up to tell the group how much Jeannie had done for them, I was knew exactly what he was talking about! Jeannie is a true professional who cares about her brides and families and every vendor she encounters as well. I captured that moment and wanted to share it. Jeannie, you derserved it! 🙂 Thank you for everything.

Ryann and Andrew’s Wedding Highlight at the Greenville Wyche Pavillion

Ryann and Andrew were married in June at The John Knox Presbyterian Church in Greenville Sc with a spectacualar reception at the Wyche Pavillion. I got a call from Ryann’s mother Suzi last fall just minutes before another bride was going to book the date. We’ve talked since then about how lucky that was and how glad we both were that things turned out they way the did. Ryann and Andrew and both of their families have been wonderful to get to know. I felt like family filming the rehearsal dinner Friday night and the wedding Saturday. One of the great things about weddings is that I get to relive the day over (and over and over) while I edit their movies! One of my favorite shots (and in many cases the most difficult to get) is the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride coming down the aisle. Check out Andrew’s reaction to seeing Ryann here…it’s priceless! I get chills every time I see the emotion on his face. Ryann and Andrew, I hope you enjoy reliving your big day through this highlight as you start your new lives in North Carolina!