Lindsey and John’s Wedding Highlight at Furman and Poinsett Club in Greenville SC

What a thrill it was to film this wedding! I’ve known Lindsey since she was a little girl and to now get to create her wedding movie has been really special for me. Everything was perfect with a beautiful ceremony at the Furman University Chapel followed by a spectacular reception at the Poinsett Club. I have to say there was a ton of FUN at this reception. It was a challenge to fit in all the special moments and capture the excitement that was everywhere! This was also a super special team to work with. It just doesn’t get much better! Thanks so much Lindsey and John. I hope this will be something you treasure for many years to come.

Nealy and Alex’s Reception Rap at Certus Loft in Greenville SC

We just filmed an amazing wedding reception for Alex and Nealy at the Certus Loft in Greenville. They had one of the most incredible wedding bands I’ve ever heard. Check out the rapping husband impressing his new wife!! This was Alex’s warm up before he and Nealy left yesterday for Kentucky for the PGA Championship as he caddies for Ben Martin. Their real honeymoon will have to wait a week. Bring home that trophy y’all!! We’re all rooting for you!!