Tricia + Baker

Tricia and Baker had a very emotional spring wedding at the beautiful and historic Berry Hill Resort in South Boston, Virginia. The are from the upstate of South Carolina but feel in love with the rolling hills of Virginia and decided on a destination wedding. It did not disappoint! The scenic landscape and historic buildings just set the perfect backdrop for the joining together of best friends and the joining together of Baker with Tricia’s two precious children. His vows to them bring tears to my eyes. Tricia and Baker, thank you so much for trusting me with this film. I know it will mean even more to you in years to come and to the children as well.

  • Megan + Brian | Chota Falls Wedding Film

    The Georgia mountains in their full fall colors make for an incredible setting for an outdoor wedding! It was chilly but I immediately felt the warmth of the venue and all Megan and Brian’s close friends and family. For those who have watched some of my other wedding films, you may have noticed that I always try to include the groom’s reaction when he first sees his bride coming down the aisle. It is truly my favorite moment of the day. Watching Brian become overwhelmed as Megan entered with her dad brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. I can’t imangine them NOT having that captured. Often times the bride doesn’t even see her groom because she is so distracted. But Megan has that moment to cherish forever. Megan and Brian, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to share that moment and many others on that very special day in Novemeber!

    Kelsie + David | Old Edwards Inn Wedding | Highlands NC

    Kelsie and David were married on a spectacular October day at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC. It was an honor and a thrill to be there to film their elegant, beautiful and emotional wedding day. Toast Events outdid themselves in planning the event and it was truly spectacular in every way.

    Kelsie and David, I hope you enjoy your wedding film for a long time to come!

    Marie + Westin | Old Edwards Inn Wedding Film | Highlands NC

    Elegant…Beautiful…Very emotional. Marie and Westin’s fall wedding at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands NC was one of my all time favorites! I knew at the rehearsal dinner Friday night that this one was going to be emotional. There were lots of tears of joy and excitement. That all continued on Saturday and it was just magical. When Toast Events is putting everything together for a wedding at the Old Edwards Inn…you know it’s going to be exquisite. This film is one special moment after another. Enjoy!

    Marie and Westin, I hope you enjoy your wedding film for a long time to come!

    Callie+Ryan | Old Edwards Inn Wedding | Highlands NC

    Callie and Ryan had a spectacular weekend of celebration in the North Carolina mountains in April at the Old Edwards Inn. The rehearsal dinner took place at a magical rented home on the side of a mountain where family and friends shared touching and emotional stories about Callie and Ryan. The wedding day was even more emotional but also so much fun! There was not only an incredible band from Atlanta but there was even a performance by the bride’s siblings! They are quite a musical family! Callie and Ryan I can’t thank you enough for trusting me with your wedding films. It has been a huge honor for me to be part of your wedding!

    I hope you enjoy this film for a long time to come!